Spoil yourself with a visit to our bridal shop and discover an a multitude of choices just for you. All our accessories are available for purchase.

In store we have all the options and choices for you to make your wedding not only amazing but also exactly how you have always dreamed it. Come down and have a look at our wide ranges or make a custom request and we will do our best to make your dreams our reality.


Wedding Cakes

Have a wedding cake made specially for you and exactly how you want it.

Wedding Flowers

Both the synthetic and real kinds. An option for every person.

Center Pieces

Glass or Brass? We have a multitude of options.

What do we do?

Bridal wear, Bridal accessories, Bridal This and Bridal That!

Our Mission

Make sure that every customer leaves as a happy customer.

History Of Us

Come on down and ask us in person. Definitely a story you’d want to hear

What Can We Do For You ?

Need To Sort Out Your Wedding Decor?

We have the people that are willing and wanting to be a part of your journey.

Have any Special Requests?

We promise to help you to the best of our capabilities and more! Contact us Now!.

Not sure where to begin?

Wedding planning is the same as setting out your life goals, the key is to plan it out and take it 1 step at a time.

What Our Customers Says ?

These guys have been absolutely outstanding. Kays Bridal are the best, you have many options to choose! Best service ever! Very fast responding! Thank you very much! I highly recommend this shop and these people!

Flowers, Wedding Invitations and Everything else was amazing. The staff served me immediately and guided me when I needed help. Great Service.

Kays Bridals support and responses has been amazing, helping me with several issues I came across and got them solved almost the same day. A pleasure to work with them!

Returns Policy

Kays Bridal World has a strict returns and exchange policy. Due to the nature of the business, no returns will be approved after the weekend. There is a strict no return policy on hair accessories and for certain items ,there is a 5 day return policy.